About Audio Angelorum

Audio Angelorum is run by Ben Trenchard, an engineer, musician and software developer with a broad range of experience in music technology dating back 30 or so years.

Our current projects include a number of CD productions, and the sampling of Peterborough Cathedral Organ for use with the Hauptwerk software. We can provide mobile location recording, audio editing and mastering from our fully equipped studio, and we also have a small engineering workshop including comprehensive CAD, CAM and CNC machining facilities. We have undertaken many varied jobs including classical location recording, contemporary location recording (groups / bands), voice over work, audio restoration, CD Production, sampling and mastering.

In addition to our Audio expertise, we also offer engineering design, development and prototype manufacture using the latest CNC machining and 3d printing technologies. Previous projects include the development of robotics and automation hardware and software, and the design and manufacture of parts for the model engineering market.

Our unique blend of skills across multiple disciplines puts us in the position of being able to offer a wide range of specialist audio services. For example, the Hauptwerk sampling project involved the design and manufacture of bespoke robotics to operate the organ console far more consitently than would have been possible using traditional methods. We have also developed software for audio file processing in order to simplify and automate the conversion of raw recordings into a final Hauptwerk instrument. This investment in process automation offers significant time savings for future projects, and allow the kind of flexibility and high quality end results which would be difficult to achieve using off the shelf hardware and software. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project requirements with us